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For the love of icons, I‘m back!

For those who don‘t know me, back in the days I was known as “the icons guy”, and Pixel Bazaar was my brand.

I was designing icons from 2012 to about 2016. During that time, I mastered the icons craft and learned all the tricks on how to squeeze out maximum creativity on a minimum amount of pixels.

But I made the same mistake as 99% of the icons designers. I accepted many offers from many marketplaces to sell my icons under their brand, according to their rules. Over time, that damaged my brand, lowered my earnings, and eventually stole my customers. On top of it, the market was getting oversaturated and undervalued, so I decided it‘s high time to get back to my original career track—product design.

Lately, I got a sudden urge to get back to the scene. Creativity has been piling up for too long. I just needed a spark, a sign. And lo and behold, while waiting at the cashier to pay my groceries, an email arrived:

“Hey, Zlatko! Just to let you know that I tattooed your tesla coil icon because I named my daughter Tesla.”

Hey, Zlatko! Just to let you know that I tattooed your tesla coil icon because I named my daughter Tesla.

I was dumbstruck, seeing a tattoo of some random guy in the US having my icon permanently inked to his forearm.

At that moment I realised even though I‘ve been helping clients in the UX field for more than 10 years, I haven‘t left such an emotional imprint, as I left with my icons.

“That‘s it”, I cheered. If this was not a sign, I don‘t know what is.

So, I‘m getting back. And while this is not the right time to do it—as my icons are already selling on third-party platforms with discounted prices— to win over them, I‘m offering everything for free! Let‘s see if anyone can beat that.

If I gather enough interest from you, and the tens of thousands like you, I‘ll revive PixelBazaar and will start crafting new top-quality icons. All of them will be sold directly on this very website. So, make sure you subscribe because you won‘t find the same future icons in some weird corner of the universe with a heavily discounted deal.

Zlatko Najdenovski Crafting icons since 2012

Zlatko Najdenovski
Crafting icons since 2012

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