Responsive Flat Icons

Responsive Icons. Does that name rings a bell? These 100 icons are designed at 3 size variations, each one with different levels of details. That gives you 300 individual icons to choose from. Each variation, according to its level of details can be implemented either for desktop, tablet or mobile interface.

The icons are designed upon 3 different grid sizes: 16x16, 32x32 and 64x64. They are crafted as vector shapes, so scaling them to your own needs is not a problem. Just make sure you keep the progressions of doubles (128×128, 256×356... ) in order to get that super-crisp look.

This collection if is only one part of the remaining two, which feature different styles. So check out the Line and Solid responsive icons. You can also get the full pack of all 900 icons for a discounted price.

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