LineKing Icons

A true bestseller. LineKing is proving to be the number–one choice when it comes to line icons. Perhaps because of the richness in details or the unique visual execution… or perhaps both. It’ll probably remain a mystery, so I leave for you to tell the story by the way you’ll use them.

The icons-set spring out as a result from many months of experimentation and trial and error in order to bring out the best visual metaphors. Ideally, the icons should blend so well into your next project, as if they’re custom-designed for you.

LineKing Icons collection consists of 1000 unique symbols. No repetitions, no kidding! Each icon is well-though of to create  a different and unique visual metaphor.

You’ll get various file formats. The original illustrator file with stroke control, as well as an outlined version. Sketch lovers, you get a Sketch file too. For the lazy ones, you get 3 sizes exported in PNG format (60x60, 120x120 & 240x240 pixels) and an SVG version.

With great icons comes great flexibility. By purchasing today, you are making an investment. Since perfection is a never-ending race, LineKing gets periodical updates and improvements. To value loyalty, you will receive all future updates for free.

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