Flatilicious Icons

Flatilicious is a huge icon-set consisting of 1000 flat icons, encompassing many symbols segregated into 28 categories. They are designed to look crisp at small sizes with a great attention to details and consistency in mind. It's one of the biggest flat-style icons on the internet.


Consistency: All icons are based on precise geometric shapes for a modern unison look.

Right Level of Details: They look crisp at small size and became more beautiful as you scale up.

Neatly Organised: Categorised in 28 different subjects for easy traceability.

Various File-formats: AI, SVG, PNG (sliced at 32×32px, 64×64px & 128×128px)

Color Customisation: Easy change of colors to adapt your own needs.

If you need specific icons for specific need, you can buy them separately per category.

Also don't forget to check out the Flatilicious freebie, which gives you a taste of 155 free icons.

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