What is PixelBazaar

An online marketplace for premium design resources and a one-man-show.

The website and the all of the goodies published here are passionately crafted solely by me (Zlatko Najdenovski). And while I’m primarily a digital product designer, icons-design was a recent passion I aquired over the last couple of years, which is why icons predominate throughout the PixelBazaar’s marketplace.

PixelBazaar as a domain exists since late 2008. That is the very first time I got the idea to share design resources, both free and premium, for the professional audience. Although I never changed my mind, it took a couple of more years for me to put it into realization.

So what you see now is the result of my passion and dedication to come up with design resources that not only fill the gaps, but fulfill real design needs and save previous time and money. I hope you’ll find them useful.

For any questions, don’t hezitate to write me or visit my portfolio.